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Archive for April 2011

Saturday Puzzle

Who likes brain teasers? Read more

The Buddy File

A photo of an adorable orange tabby (Buddy) to be filed under, “Comical”. Read more

Kinship Circle Fukushima Rescue Report: After the Evacuation Zone's Closure

Kinship Circle is one of the primary animal welfare groups working with JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support). Here are two recent Fukushima pet rescue reports from this dedicated group working on the ground in Japan.

Read more

Fukushima Japan Animal Rescue Crisis: Experts to Meet in Tokyo May 2-3

Animal rescue and radiation experts from the US and Japan will meet in Tokyo on May 2-3 to discuss how to help the animals stranded in the restricted area surrounding the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. Read more

It's Wedding Day...For Two Cats!

William and Kate who? Today, a bar in East London is hosting a wedding for two cats! Read more


Chattering cat videos are much more interesting to watch when it’s a Sphynx chattering. Read more

Protesters Rally Against Trapping and Euthanizing Ferals

Roughly 40 protesters gathered in Monessen, PA yesterday to rally against the nearly three dozen cat deaths resulting from a city ordinance. Read more

Otto's Trash Can Trick

One man’s trash is another cat’s treasure. Read more

Spinning Cat Optical Illusion

Do you primarily use the right side of your brain or the left side? Some say the optical illusion kitty knows the answer to that question… Read more

Kneady Kitty

This kitten REALLY loves this bathroom rug. Read more

Wordless Wednesday

More coffee, please… Read more

Honey and Lemon

A loving tribute to inseparable best friends Honey the Great Dane dog and Lemon the Tortie cat. Read more

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