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Archive for March 2011

Big Cat Play

Watching housecats play is fun…watching lions and tigers play is super-sized funny! Read more

Cat Seriously Gets His NOM On!

Mom always said you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full, but we’ll make an exception. Read more

Harpist Soothes Cats at a Troubled Minnesota Shelter

Each week harpist Rachel Christensen uses tunes from her harp to counter the incessant barking of dogs and calm shelter cats. Read more

Wordless Wednesday

Gotta get my paws on those claws! Read more

Yoga For Cats (Featuring Shorty)

Just when you think she can’t get any cuter, Shorty demonstrates various yoga poses in her new instructional video! Read more

Officer Rescues Cat From Busy Overpass

On Tuesday, Officer Gary Pahls rescued a cat perching on a busy California freeway overpass. Read more

Milk Please. NOW Please.

It’s like the convict wracking his cup against the bars… Read more

Disapproving Look

“What is this? I was not consulted!!” Read more

Miami Beach 3000 Gains More Ground in Combatting Cat Overpopulation

Last Sunday, 38 more cats were sterilized as part of the Miami Beach 3000, bringing the program 364 spays/neuters closer to their goal of sterilizing 3,000 homeless cats in Miami Beach. Read more

Wobbly Baby

Daily kitten fix: check! Read more

A Taunting Task

Poor kitty is tormented by brazen squirrels. Read more

Squaredy Cats Give Young Girls Paws for Inspiration

What’s square, fuzzy, whiskered, boosts girls’ self esteem, and is flying off toy store shelves? Read more

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