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Emotional reunion follows as cat traces her petmom to residential facility
November 25, 201415 hours ago

Clinton Gets Help




jhkhjh A volunteer with Kitten Rescue LA rescued Clinton from a neglectful situation. Clinton will now get help for a deformity caused by an untreated broken paw. Kitten Rescue wants to help Clinton to walk on all four paws again before he finds his forever home.

Kitten Rescue has put up a YouCaring fundraiser page that tells about Clinton and his medical needs, saying:

“Clinton was rescued off of the streets of East Los Angeles by a Kitten Rescue volunteer. He suffered from a broken paw that was never treated and did not heal properly, so he would walk on his wrist. Clinton is now safe, in Kitten Rescue foster care.

“The Orthopedist at Animal Specialty & Emergency Center says that there’s no evidence of nerve damage and Clinton has feeling in his bad foot. She recommends taking a bone graft from his shoulder and fusing his foot, after which he’ll need to be confined and bandaged/splinted for 6-8 weeks, with periodic bandage changes and recheck x-rays to make sure his foot has healed properly.

“Clinton’s veterinary care is expected to reach $4000. It could even be higher, depending on whether there are complications.

“He is a wonderful, loving cat, who will certainly find a forever home once he his paw has healed.”

The fundraiser has raised slightly more than 10% of its $4000 goal on its first day.

Kitten Rescue posted the link to Clinton’s YouCaring fundraiser at its Facebook page and would appreciate getting some shares to that post (currently found at the top of their Facebook page, as of this writing).


November 25, 201420 hours ago

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November 25, 201420 hours ago

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