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  • Precious Photos Show the Unparalleled Bond Between a Girl With Autism and Her Cat A very special cat is helping a little girl with autism to connect with the world.

  • Baltimore Photographers Capture Secret Lives of Street Cats Husband and wife team document cat colonies across the country

  • So-Called Saddest Cat Tucker Finds a Home A cat whose genetic abnormalities helped her get viral fame has found the perfect home.

  • Hero Cat Alerts Woman to Husband’s Heart Attack When Richard Jenkins was upstairs alone suffering a heart attack, Cleo the cat rushed up and down the stairs to get her petmom's attention. Thanks to Cleo, paramedics arrived in time to save him with emergency treatment.

  • Paul the Cat Climbs a Mountain Paul the Cat goes on adventures with his outdoorsy petparents and is in the news this week after climbing Gray's Peak, one of Colorado's 14er mountains with them last month

  • Kitten Loki’s Killer Sentenced to Prison Robert Heckmann, the Colorado man who killed Loki the kitten and sent text messages describing the killing and the high it brought him, was sentenced to prison time today.

  • Boys Rescue Kittens Tossed into River in a Bag Two 8th grade boys are being called heroes for rescuing a litter of kittens they saw being thrown into a river in a bag one day last week.

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So I came home to this...

Kittendales 2014 Hunks Calendar Benefits Shelter

Firefighters Rescue and Adopt Kittens Found During Training Exercise

Afghan Cat Miss Kitty is Reunited with Her Soldier in Texas

The Rescue

Cat Adopts Newborn Pitbull Puppy

Boy Scout Finds Cat Buried in Tornado Rubble for 6 Days

Injured Tornado Cat's Family is Found

Found! A Woman's Emotional Reunion with Cat Found in Moore OK Tornado Rubble

Firefighters Rescue Tiny Kittens Then Save Them From Euthanasia

Burned Kitten Justin Improves

Lego Town promo video does not go as planned

Cat Saves Family from House Fire

A family is giving credit and thanks to their seven year old cat after they escaped from a devastating fire at their home with just seconds to spare. Read more
September 17, 201416 hours ago

Russell Burned Kitty Update: Better and Better

Russell, the sweet survivor burned in a house fire earlier this year, continues to make progress in his healing, and has had more surgeries to correct issues with his eyelids. Read more
September 17, 201418 hours ago

Crazy Kitten

A curious kitten flips out – literally – over a thick piece of string. Read more
September 17, 201422 hours ago

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Kitten Mill Operator

Animal cruelty charges filed last winter against an alleged kitten mill breeder in Western Massachusetts were dismissed yesterday by a judge who said the defendant’s rights were violated. Read more

Cat and Corn

Shiro’s buddy Tyatora goes to town on an ear of corn in this new video. Read more

News Photographer Rescues Burned Kitten from Boles Wild Fire

A young cat rescued from a California wildfire by a news photographer is resting and receiving care at a nearby animal hospital as an appeal goes out to find his family.. Read more

Chicken's Journey

In just a matter of several weeks, Chicken went from a critically underweight kitten with a severe skin condition to a happy, handsome, healthy boy with a new and loving home. Read more

Owl and Cat are Best Friends

Forbi the cat and Cleo the owl are best friends, and have been since they were very young. The unusually bonded pair of friends live with Brazilian biologist Andr√© Costa, whose video of the pair has gone viral. Read more

Child Cuddles Kitten After Quake

A touching photo from the aftermath of the August 2014 earthquake in China’s Yunnan province shows a tender scene with a child and the kitten he is cuddling. Read more

Cats vs Toilet Paper

Cats play with their old favorite, toilet paper, shredding and tearing the stuff in their unique, special way, in this cute new compilation of video clips. Read more

Apricot Colored Kittens are Dumped at Superstore

Two absolutely beautiful apricot colored kittens found dumped outside a store are safe at the shelter and getting the loving care they – and all other abandoned cats – deserve. Read more

Teamwork leads to rescue of trapped kitten

A tiny kitten was rescued thanks to a state trooper, police and a crew of public works employees. Read more

Cats talking to fly

A pair of chatty kitties we’ve also seen talking to birds are talking to a fly on the other side of the window screen in this new video. Read more

Digby wears his heart on his sleeve

Digby not only has a heart pattern in his fur, he is sweet and loving and waves to people with his paw. The 15 year old kitty and his brother are looking for love after their elderly owner passed away. Read more
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