Zoey and McGhee: Rescued Kitties Get Their Happily Ever After

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Zoey and McGhee as rescued kittens, safe and cuddled up in their new home.
Photos courtesy of  Crystal Johnson


Zoey was rescued from an animal hoarder and McGhee was rescued from someone who was going to throw him out like trash. The pair are closely bonded now and are happy in their forever home, where they are loved and appreciated.

Crystal Johnson rescued her beloved kitties and shares their photos and story with us here, saying:

“I saved the orange one from an animal hoarder and the black one from someone who was going to throw him in the trash. I love them so much, and they are best friends forever.

“Zoey the tiger, I saved from an animal hoarder. I’m almost positive if I didn’t take her she wouldn’t be alive today. She was underweight and not eating at 6 weeks; I had to bottle feed her.

“She is very talkative now, and loves to play with anything and everything!!!! It’s Zoeys birthday today!!!! (February 13)”

“With McGee, the black Bombay cat, I was looking for two kittens and I knew he was going to be an amazing kitty. The lady I saved him from was going to throw him away; she said “he is old enough to fend for himself.” I was disgusted. So I took him in. He’s going into a healthy happy boy, and he’s one of the best cats I’ve ever had, other than my last cat Taz.  I had Taz for 23 years!!!!

“McGee will come when I whistle, he wakes me up when my alarm goes off, he’s just such a ham!!!!

“I’m just so proud of my furbabies!!!!”


Zoey and McGhee now.




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