Ypsilanti MI firefighters rescue kittens during training exercise

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Kittens rescued by firefighters dring a training exercise Thursday. Photo: Ypsilanti Fire Department.

The Ypsilanti, Michigan Fire Department rescued a litter of newborn kittens Thursday afternoon while training at a tower behind the station at W. Michigan Ave. in the city.

Firefighters didn’t realize there were kitties on the property until they saw the mama cat running away.

“We heard some kittens meowing,” said Captain Scott Madison.

The firefighters found the litter under a stairwell at the tower.  There were 5 live kittens and 1 deceased.

There was a storm coming and firefighters were concerned mama cat might not return in time to care for her babies, so firefighters called animal control and the kittens were taken to the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

That organization transferred the kittens to Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue.

Mama kitty was found and was taken to be with her kittens.


Photo posted by Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue

Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue posted the photo above and wrote at Facebook Thursday, saying:

“Where there’s smoke there’s…. kittens??

“Five newborns found by City of Ypsilanti Fire Dept. during a training exercise today. Mama took off, and because of the pending storm it was safer to take them into care. Humane Society of Huron Valley is trying to locate mama so we can possibly reunite them. Fingers and paws crossed.”

They made an update this afternoon, saying:

“We do have the [mother] cat, who so far has not shown any interest in the kittens but trying again tonight.”



Mama kitty. Photo: Ypsilanti Fire Department



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  1. so happy they found the mother! I wonder if she is full of milk? that way we know she is the kittens mother!

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