You’ve come a long way, Bow!

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Bow, November 2011

You may remember Bow, the Grand Rapids MI stray cat shot by an arrow on May 10 of this year. Bow was a homeless kitty well known to neighborhood residents, who left food for him and gave him a kind word. Residents didn’t see Bow for a few days, then a family found him with an arrow stuck through his head and took him for care. Bow received his emergency care at Michigan veterinary Specialists, then was transferred to Animal Hospital of Lowell, after being turned over to area rescue organization Carol’s Ferals.

Bow, as found in May

Dr. Bruce Langlois took over Bow’s care, and started a reward fund which inspired a campaign to find the person who so cruelly injured Bow. to our knowledge, that person was never found.

Bow gained attention and support locally, nationally, and internationally, as photos and news video of the injured, scrawny, bedraggled cat were broadcast and his story became known.  Bow recovered from the arrow wound in due time, but was found to suffer from toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis and giardia. He received treatment, though the toxoplasmosis still remains an issue today.

Bow went from the hospital to foster care with a vet tech, and then went to live with Carol Manos of Carol’s Ferals. Carol’s task has been to help Bow learn to be a housecat, to feel safe, and to learn to bond with people. Bow found himself a little lair in Carol’s closet, then felt at home in a little cat bed,  getting comfortable in his new surroundings. He learned to accept and then love belly rubs, and bit by bit became more socialized.

Snuggled in his little cat bed in June

Birdwatching in July

Carol plans to bring in another cat as a companion for Bow once his toxoplasmosis testing indicates that he no longer poses a risk for other cats. Love, patience, understanding and time have been the key elements in helping Bow to adjust to his new way of life.

Bow in September, enjoying a visit with Mary Mast, whose 3rd grade class all wrote him letters

Bow’s journey was told and shared at the Facebook page Justice for Bow, which is currently inviting submissions of photos of  Bow lookalikes.  Several similar lokking kitties have their pictures posted on the page wall now.

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4 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way, Bow!”

  1. Bow keep up the good work of becoming a healthy, beautiful, and loved house cat! It is great to be a relaxed cat in a safe world. You just keep up the good work and soon the rough street life won’t even be a memory.

  2. Thank you so much for the update on Bow. He is an inspiration to all animals with his bravry and also his will to live, which is so great. I love you Bow.

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