YouTube Kitten Killer Luka Magnotta Arrested in Berlin For Montreal Murder


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Animal lovers have called for the arrest of the maker of degenerate kitten snuff videos for many months now with no result. Authorities finally sought him after his recent headline grabbing murder, dismemberment and snuff video of a human victim. He was arrested in a Berlin internet cafe earlier today.

Luka Magnotta’s arrest in Germany today brings a sense of relief and some measure of closure for those who have been horrified by his kitten killing videos and frustrated by the lack of action taken against him, as long as the stars of his sick and murderous videos were innocent, helpless kittens.

Magnotta has been unofficially identified as the maker of infamous videos that begin sweetly and progress, whether by intent or merely as a reflection of the depraved artist’s mindset, to killings meant to shock and titillate.

The videos are tailored for people who get off, either sexually or psychologically on the sickly stylized murders. They are also equally if not more effective in causing intense distress in viewers who do not enjoy the murder of helpless kittens.

Many viewers encountered the videos without knowing what was to come and were lulled by the opening scenes of gentle sweetness, only to be affected in a way I cannot even describe, since words like “horrified” and “upset” cannot fully express the feelings the viewer has, even if he is unable to watch to the end.

Just seeing the bridge section of the videos where you know where it’s going is deeply disturbing. You want to help, you want to stop it, you know what’s coming, and you’re powerless. As I’ve said, the videos are very effective.

You probably know by now, even if you’ve managed to avoid hearing about them over the last couple of years, that sweet little kittens were placed in a clear space bag that then had the air sucked out of it, were fed to a python, were drowned in a tub, and were strangled with an electronics wire. Magnotta even documented his actions as he used dead kittens to sexually gratify himself.

Magnotta is someone who is proud of his work, loves to show off, loves attention, plasters sleazy modeling photos of himself all over the internet, enjoys sending calling cards and participating in games of cat and mouse with those trying to catch him, and appears to have produced his kitten killer videos at least in part for self glorification and publicity, in addition to whatever his other motives may have been.

The group Find the Kitten Vacuumer… For great justice is one of the gathering places for those trying to get some measure of justice and stop Magnotta. The video below, produced in association with that group, gives a glimpse of the sort of documentation made to try to convince the public and authorities that Magnotta was the YouTube kitten killer.

The video shows a few examples of the connections made between details within the kitten killing videos and photos found at Magnotta’s website, Flickr, Twitpic, and public Facebook page, in addition to other Facebook pages where he posted, along with other sources.

The many connections made between the kitten killing videos and Magnotta were done to try to demonstrate a credible circumstantial link to authorities in hopes of having Magnotta arrested and prosecuted for his vile acts upon defenseless animals.


Efforts¬† to arrest Magnotta and stop him went nowhere until last week’s grand gesture of showmanship when he murdered, butchered, disemboweled and sexually abused the corpse of a lover he was well acquainted with, at his residence in Montreal. He posted the snuff video of his performance at a Canadian website that specializes in gore, then mailed severed body parts to the offices of Canadian political parties.

Once Magnotta gave the kitten treatment to a human, and sent body parts through the mail, he became the subject of an intense international manhunt via INTERPOL.

A tip led to Magnotta’s arrest today at an internet cafe in Berlin, Germany. The Toronto Star reports that, fittingly, the man who sought internet fame was checking out coverage of himself when he was detained.

Surveillance camera video of the arrest. The cafe employee tipster can be seen in the doorway waiting for the arresting officers to arrive.


Image at top of page is today’s mugshot.

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  1. Ok, so how much more evidence does anyone need to show that the most henious crimes that sicks commit have been practiced on defenseless animals already. Somehow, I have managed to miss this guys videos, and frankly I am not going looking for them. Rehabilitation? Probably not. People like this have too many wires crossed for that. And this guy doesn’t deserve to be rehabilitated. Just cut into tiny pieces, little by little and feed to his own python.

  2. I would pay a cool million for one hour alone with this scumbag. He would know how those kittens felt one hundred fold before he died.

  3. Animal abuse often leads to human abuse. The intent, lack of empathy, and level of sadism is there. Animal abuse should be taken FAR more seriously with a minimum of 1 year for physical abuse and minimun of 10 years for the cruel and unnecessary murder of an animal.

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