You Won’t Believe What Shelter Staff Found When They Checked on Abandoned Mom & Kittens

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When someone found a laundry basket of four tiny kittens and, presumably, their Mom, the Homeless Animal Adoption League was called to assist and came to the rescue.

The cat and kittens were transported to the shelter for the evening and the next day, it was discovered there weren’t just four kittens, but six…and that Mom wasn’t a Mom at all. In fact, it was a male cat that dutifully taking care of the what appeared to be four-week-old litter.

Shelter staff have dubbed him “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and points to this wonderful cat as proof that regardless of species and gender, protection of the young is of vital importance.


6 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Shelter Staff Found When They Checked on Abandoned Mom & Kittens”

  1. We should learn from wildlife. Most of the time their intelligence is greater than the human intelligence. This is so sweet, it made my day, entirely. : )

  2. Well I’m a little confused if it was four kittens how did it become six? where did the others come from? If it was a male cat where was the others hiding? I mean did they not check how many there truly was.

  3. From what could be gathered from sources, the tub was put into the pen so as not to create additional disturbance to the cat and kittens. Only four kittens were originally “seen,” because they didn’t move any of them around until morning when they got checked.

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