You Did It! Salem’s Going Home

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You did it! Thanks to your generosity, Salem’s going home to join the family of an American soldier who adopted him. Remember, Salem the adorable cat who followed soldier Justin back to his military base in Romania and chose him as his human by napping in his helmet?
Naturally, Justin fell in love with this little guy and decided he couldn’t bear to leave him behind when he shipped out. So he set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money to pay for Salem’s vet bills and trip home. Life With Cats Readers were touched by Salem’s story, and played a big role in helping Justin meet his $4,000 goal, most of which went to paying for Salem’s long journey back the states.
Justin’s wife lives in Texas, where Salem will be joining her soon.  Salem got his vaccinations shots and check-up at a local animal rescue organization, Oana’s Homeless Street Paws. The rest of the funds raised will be donated to help the Romanian rescue organization, Oana’s Homeless Streets Paws.
“Salem will never have to sleep outside again,” Justin told Life With Cats. “Thanks to Oana Baltaru and the generosity of Life with Cats readers!” Every day, Oana helps stray cats like this one by taking them in and finding homes for them. Just look at that face! What a survivor.
And this kitten named Mr. Buttons, who was found living by a dumpster and is now being cared for by Oana. It’s a tough life for cats like these, but cat lovers around the world are making a big difference, one cat a a time.
 “Oana is truly an impressive figure,” said Justin. “Romania needs more people like her.”

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  1. Oana is an amazing lady who deserves all the support she can get. Though she works full-time, in her spare time and at weekends she and her boyfriend Adrian do what they can to help the local stray cats by neutering and feeding them regularly. They also rescue abandoned kittens and prepare them for adoption.

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