Xiachwa, Missing at JFK: A Family Member Speaks and the Search Continues

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“We want to find the cat as soon as possible. It may sound silly to some people, but we think of her as our child.”

Jerry Cheung

Roseanne Colletti of NBC 4 New York spoke with Jerry Cheung in the video below about his girlfriend Iris Yu’s cat Xiaohwa, the FIV positive 4 year old cat who has been missing for over a week after a TSA officer at JFK airport, Terminal 4 opened her crate for inspection, allowing her to escape.

The “search” for Xiachwa feels more like the “wait”, as efforts are hampered because she went missing at the airport. Due to security regulations, family, friends and volunteers are prohibited from searching many areas at the airport, and the port authority only says it plans to put out traps. Those familiar with the 2011 case of Jack the cat will recall that his petmom Karen Pascoe was told early on that missing cats tend to turn up when they die and fall through the ceiling. Jack was near death when he fell through the ceiling after going for many weeks without water and food, and he did not survive for long. Xiaohwa’s family is worried that, due to her delicate health, she will not be able to survive on her own at the airport for long.

The TSA denied responsibility for allowing  Xiaohwa to escape in a statement saying that its agents screened the pet and its carrier properly, and passengers bear the responsible for their pets throughout the screening process.

We covered Xiaohwa’s story on October 22, in Xiaohwa is Lost at JFK Airport. Xiaohwa is an 8 pound, 4 year old microchipped gray and black female tabby cat, missing at JFK since October 18, 2012.

The Home Again pet microchip service has Xiachwa listed on their lost pets section. Her lost cat page listing can be found and shared from HERE.

Mary Beth Melchoir, from Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK set up the Xiaohwa is Lost at JFK Airport Facebook page to help, as much as is possible, with the search and as a place for supporters to gather online.


Poster, from the Xiaohwa is Lost at JFK Airport Facebook page.



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