Xeli Joins Unique Traveler Therapy Team at Denver International Airport

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The newest member of Denver International Airport’s Canine Airport Therapy Squad is the only one whose species aligns with the group’s acronym, CATS. Tiger-striped Xeli (prounounced “ZELL-ee”) has joined an elite team of certified therapy dogs (and now a cat) that are stationed in airport terminals to help travelers relax as they await their flights.  CATS crew members, who typically work two-hour shifts, are easily identified by their special vests that read “Pet Me.”

And, if you happen to be flying through Denver on September 29, be sure to look for the special “meet & greet,” the airport is hosting for Xeli. From 2 to 3 p.m. on level five of the Jeppesen Terminal, in the center of the Great Hall, visitors will be able to have their photos taken with her in celebration of her joining this amazing team.

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