World Watches Live-Streaming Kitten Event

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This weekend, hundreds of people watched as the Langley Animal Protection Society in Langley, British Columbia held its fourth annual Kitten Roundup.  From around the globe, viewers were linked to a live-streaming video of the day-long event, bring awareness to the cause.

The Kitten Roundup is a once a year event aimed at taking in unwanted pregnant or nursing mother cats, as well as kittens under one year of age, with no cost or judgement for surrendering the animals.

“We received a total of three adult cats and seven kittens today,” aid executive director Jayne Nelson told the Langley Advance.  “Four were unaltered females who, left unaltered, would have likely produced another 25-30 kittens this year alone.” She’s also anticipating more cats and kittens will come in the next few days.

Though the numbers were down from last year’s event, Nelson remains positive. “Last year, we saw an additional 13 cats and kittens the day after Kitten Roundup,” she said, describing the 2017 event as a “great day.”


“We met some very nice people today who seemed to genuinely want what was best for their cats and kittens. We really appreciated that they cared and loved these kitties enough to bring them to the shelter,” Nelson said.

All cats and kittens brought into LAPS are spayed or neutered before being adopted to “loving homes,” she said.

Adding additional support, some of the volunteers knitted hats they plan to sell later in the year to help support LAPS programs, such as the Kitten Roundup.

“We are grateful to the volunteers who helped out, Nelson said. “They truly made a difference today.”

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