Women Rescue Kittens From Burlap Sack on the Roadside

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Amber Springer and Misti Blair were driving in Belfast, ME on Saturday, August 25, looking out at the roadside and the amount of litter there. That topic of interest ended up saving the lives of two beautiful black kittens, because the women were watching when a burlap bag moved and rolled down the embankment into a ditch. The pair pulled over and Amber untied a tightly knotted drawstring to release two skinny, flea infested kittens from the bag.

The women named the sisters Midnight and Salem and made plans to take them to a shelter in Camden. Amber describes the kittens as very friendly and, in her estimation, not feral. She says cats are frequently dumped at her property and gives her thoughts on why so many pets are abandoned in her area.

1 thought on “Women Rescue Kittens From Burlap Sack on the Roadside”

  1. I’m so glad she saved these beautiful babies!

    People that hurt animals are so low, they are not even in the food chain.

    Kittens/cats are innocent creatures that deserve just as much respect as any other living being. There is no room on this planet for cat haters (especially black cats)!!! Animal haters of any kind disgust me, but there are some pathetic, weak people that choose to hate on and abuse a specific animal, for no other reason than their own ignorance, and stupidity.

    Cats are one of the most intelligent species around. Some “people” just can’t stand the fact that felines may be superior to (them).

    Bless those black beautiful babies with happy, loving, healthy homes/lives!

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