Woman’s Sign Raises Awareness of Cat and Dog Poisonings, Prompts Warnings

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Sadly, cat and dog poisonings, both accidental and intentional, are far too common and are regularly in the news.

This story, from Edmonton, AB Canada stands out because one woman’s need to express herself after a Mama cat and her kittens were killed last month raised awareness and brought other incidents to light, prompting warnings to pet owners and an investigation. Tatyana Plesowicz posted a large sign on her lawn saying “To the HEARTLESS MONSTER who poisoned 5 kittens and Mama SHAME on YOU!” After seeing the sign, neighborhood dog owners came forward to say their pets had also been poisoned. Tanya and her husband filed a police report when they learned about the other incidents. The police opened an investigation and contacted The Edmonton Humane Society. We have reprinted a notice from the humane society to the public below the video report on the story.

Humane Society spokeswoman Shawna Randolph commented on being contacted by the police, saying “They were concerned enough to alert us, asking us to warn the public. Our perspective is that this is serious. There is a reason why eight animals have died in the same area in such a short period of time.”

Tatiana Plesowicz is concerned that neighborhoos children may alse be at risk.”Things like this, they may start off with animals and may escalate to people,” she said.

Perhaps, in this case, speaking up will save lives.  In recent days, a serial catnapper and killer was arrested in Mesa, AZ because neighborhood residents banded together to help the police to catch him. Mesa residents were also concerned about the connection between violence toward animals and violence toward children.

The humane society posted this at their website:
The Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) is reminding pet owners to always know what their animals get into, in light of possible pet poisonings in northeast Edmonton. The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has alerted the EHS that an officer is investigating three possible cases of pet poisonings in the area of 122 Avenue and 64 Street over the past few weeks. Six felines (one mother cat and her 5 kittens), a puppy, and a dog may have been poisoned in three separate incidents from eating something tainted in the Montrose area, but nothing is confirmed.

“The investigating officer has called us about this and we are quite concerned,” says Edmonton Humane Society spokesperson Shawna Randolph. “Regardless of whether someone is intentionally poisoning animals or whether they are eating items naturally harmful to them, pet owners always need to be aware of what their pets are getting into.”

The Edmonton Humane Society reminds owners to:

Not allow their pets to ever roam unsupervised.
Scan their backyards for anything unexpected and suspicious spotted in the yard, and make sure gates are closed before letting their pets outside.
While on walks or at off-leash parks, always supervise their pets to make sure that they are not eating anything on the ground.
Keep pets away from places sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and also away from where the chemicals are stored.
Keep a  Poison Hotline number handy just in case. The region’s Alberta hotline number is 1-800-213-6680.
If owners take their pets out for a walk near a pond or neighborhood lake, pets should not be allowed to drink the water as it could contain harmful bacteria.
Distract their pets from stalking or chasing a bee or wasp. It is common for pets to be stung in the summer and fall.

If a member of the public has information about the Montrose files that Edmonton Police are investigating, they are urged to call EPS at 780-423-4567.

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