Woman Tries to Smuggle Cat into New Zealand in Handbag

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Image source: US News
Image source: US News

A Canadian woman tried to smuggle her cat into New Zealand by concealing the cat in her handbag during the plane flight. The woman, from Canada, nearly succeeded, but the stowaway passenger was discovered by boarder agents at the New Zealand airport.

The woman was not allowed to enter the country, and she and her cat were sent back to Canada on the next flight.

The woman, in her twenties, apparently managed to conceal the cat from airport staff during the flight. She traveled with her husband may have drugged the cat in order to keep it so quiet. The cat was discovered when the woman’s bags were put through an x-ray machine.

There are strict regulations on bringing a pet into New Zealand, including a required microchip and quarantine period. These precautions are to keep pets from bringing ticks and diseases which aren’t present in New Zealand.

The woman and her husband had been traveling for the holidays and were upset about being sent back home.

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