Woman Reunited with Her Beloved Cat After 5 Years

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Shelter workers at the Tierheim animal shelter in Berlin, Germany were moved by the emotional reunion between a woman and the cat she hadn’t seen in five years.

Sylvana Welski’s cat Pauley went out a window and disappeared in 2008. Sylvana searched, put up posters and listed the cat with a missing pets site but there were no sightings or leads. That is, not until Pauley recently ended up at the shelter and had his microchip scanned.

The shelter contacted Sylvana, who said, “When I got the letter a few days ago from the shelter saying my cat had been found, I couldn’t believe it.”

Sylvana and Pauley were reunited at the shelter last weekend. Tears streamed down Sylvana’s face as her long lost cat – who shelter staff had found to be very reserved – recognized her and went right to her to be folded into a loving embrace.

Sylvana got Pauley in 2006 and bottle fed the tiny kitten, forming a close bond that was not forgotten on either side.

It turns out that Pauley had been living nearby all along until coming to the shelter in recent days.

A man found the cat and took him in but didn’t report it, being apparently unaware that it is mandatory to report found animals to authorities. Pauley wold have come back home right away if he’d been turned in and had his chip scanned but Sylvana says she bears no ill will toward the man who took Pauley in and cared for him.

The man recently had Pauley neutered, after which he and the household’s other cats didn’t get along, according to the shelter’s report, so Pauley ended up being turned in to the shelter.

“I’m not angry with him at all,” Sylvana said, “Pauley has been doing well all these years, that’s the important thing. I’m just so happy to have her back.”



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