Woman rescued from canyon cliff while trying to rescue cat

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An Orange County, California woman had to be airlifted into a helicopter when she injured herself trying to rescue a cat in her care.

The foster petmom needed rescuing from a cliff as she tried to rescue a cat who had wondered up a Silverado Canyon hillside rising from behind her house.

Sara Beebe climbed up the slope after the Pantler the cat, who had gotten out of the house, but slid downward, injuring her ankle and getting scrapes and bruises. She was on the side of a cliff when she called for help. She called for her daughter and screamed for help in hopes that neighbors would call 911.

The Orange County Fire Authority responded with a helicopter. Crew member Jeff Shelton, a medic and animal lover, assisted Sara, who is afraid of heights, getting lifted up into the helicopter.

Once back on the ground in her own yard, Sara embraced her rescuer and said in the future when the cats get out she will give them a chance to come back down before setting out on another rescue attempt.

Watch the CBS Los Angeles report on the story:

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