Woman Races Into Path of Oncoming Snowplow to Save Cat

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Adalena the cat is recovering from frostbite, a respiratory infection and an injured ear. She’s being cared for by the Meriden Humane Society. (Screngrab: WSFB)

An unidentified Connecticut woman raced into the path of an oncoming snowplow to stop the driver and rescue a young female cat who was being shoveled into a snowbank. Today, the cat is recovering and the unknown woman, identified only as “Michelle,” is responsible for saving her life.

That’s the story emerging from news reports by WSFB, the Hartford Sun Times and this posting on the Meriden Humane Society Facebook page: “Sadly, it did not seem that anyone cared that she was there while her frail body was being pushed by a plow. Courageously, a young woman saw what was happening, and tried all she could to stop the plow and even brought it to the attention of an officer, who honestly and sadly just turned the other cheek and looked away. This young woman, seeing that no one cared, raced into the oncoming plow and save this kitten from what most likely would have been the end of her life.”

Adalena is spayed, but has no microchip. The Meriden Humane Society wants to find her owner. (Picture:Facebook/Meriden Humane Society)

The nice people at the Meriden Humane Society named the cat Adalena and are looking for her owner. Adalena is spayed, but has no microchip. She was suffering from a respiratory infection, an injured ear and frostbite, but she’s eating and should recover. Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society on their Facebook page at (203) 238-3650.

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  1. A big thank you to Michelle for caring and saving precious Adalena. Shame on everyone else for there uncaring attitude. Get well soon Adalena xoxox

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