Woman Mounts Costly Search, Missing Cat Comes Home

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Kerry Brennen realized her cat Tabby was missing last Sunday and immediately mounted a search. The Mapperly, Nottingham, UK woman searched the area near her home without turning up Tabby or any leads, so she hired Animal Search UK, with their notable expertise in conducting missing pet searches. While there was a less costly option from the company, Kerry chose to mount a full on search for £1,200 in hopes of finding Tabby and bringing her back home as soon as possible.

The search company noted on Tuesday at their Facebook page that they would tackle the search for Tabby early the following day, saying “Our Missing Pet Search Team on standby this evening to attend the scene of Tabby’s disappearance in Mapperley, Notts tomorrow. They will be setting off at 6.30 am.” The search team utilizes Facebook to share missing posters, photos of the missing pets, and updates.

On Wednesday, the team armed themselves with missing cat posters, walkie talkies, traps and flashlights and covered the area near tabby’s home, walking the streets, searching, and talking to residents and business people. The search professionals say pets are often not to be found the first day of the search, but often a sighting or lead will turn up within a few days.

Local news outlet This is Nottingham published a feature on the search on Friday, which raised the profile of the case.

Tabby made her way home on Saturday, much to everyone’s delight. Animal search UK did not provide details, other than that she had come home. Kerry wisely took action right away when her initial search didn’t bring Tabby home. She is quoted in This is Norwich saying, “Tabby means everything to me, so I wanted to do everything to get her back,” and, “I love them all, they are like family to me.” Kerry has 6 other cats in addition to Tabby.

Animal Search UK was established in 1999 by former police officer, Tom Watkins. As a pet lover, he had been frustrated that there were limited services available to help reunite owners and their missing pets, and set about trying to make a difference.

Photo, This is Nottingham


Team members on the job in the search for Tabby.



Video of the no longer missing Tabby, used in the search to help people to identify the missing cat if they saw her.

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  1. It is wonderful that this cat has been found, and that her owner took the time, effort and money required to help find her. However, she should not have been outside in the first place. Contrary to popular belief,especially in England, cats are domesticated animals and do not belong outside.

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