Woman is stunned to be reunited with her missing cat after 8 years

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Susan MacDonald and Malcom


Susan MacDonald’s cat Malcom went missing in 2007, shortly before she had to leave the UK to move to Crete with her family and pets. She recently moved back home to the village of Rockbeare, outside of Exeter, in Devon and was stunned to receive a call saying Malcom had been found wandering as a stray.  It appears that Malcom has been well cared for over the years, but he turned up on his own at just the right time to go back home to his original family.

Susan said of Malcom’s return: “It’s surreal having him back around. He’s in tip-top condition as well; he’s definitely not been a stray.”

“I often used to have thoughts about him and where he was. I think not-knowing was the worst thing.”

Malcom was recently found 20 miles from his original home, in Collompton, by veterinarian Maureen Hutchison, who scanned him for a microchip and came up with Susan’s mother’s contact information.  Susan prudently transferred the contact details for Malcom’s chip when she left the country, after posting leaflets around town and conducting a local search.

Susan was reunited with her long-lost cat on Saturday and says the 11 year old cat is exactly the same as before, except fatter.

She said: “My life has changed so much since he went missing. He was my daughter’s cat but she has grown up and now lives in Iowa.

“Malcolm is quite famous over there now. I was devastated when he disappeared – he was very happy.

“I don’t think he would have deliberately strayed. I feel he probably got in a car or something like that and ended up being adopted.

“But how he suddenly reappeared after eight years I don’t know.

“I often used to think about him – it was the not knowing that I didn’t like.’

“I could not believe it. You never think you are going to find your animal eight years later.

“He doesn’t remember me, however much that hurts. He has been gone for eight years, that’s about 64 years in a cat’s life.

“He is just how I remember him but a little more rotund.”

She described Malcom as being “full of kisses” and a “laid-back, loving cat.”

Maureen Hutchison, who found Malcolm, said: “He has obviously been doing very well for himself the last eight years and is certainly well fed.

“If cats could speak I’m sure he’d have a tale to tell.”

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