Woman is reunited with her missing cat after five years

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A Southport, UK woman is both amazed and overjoyed to be reunited with her missing cat after 5 years, as a result of her seeing his photo at a rescue’s Facebook page.

Diego was still a kitten when he went missing in 2010. A sofa delivery man accidentally let him out of the house, and his petmom, Jane Linley, had given up hope of ever seeing him again – that is, until she spotted him in a photo posted at Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary’s Facebook page recently.

As it turns out, Diego had been roughing it, living on his own with a group of feral cats near a railway line very close to Jane’s old home in Litherland.

Jane’s life has changed since Diego went missing. She has married and has two children, and she lives with her family in the seaside community of Southport, located just north of Liverpool.

Jane said: “I’m stunned and flabbergasted that Diego has turned up again.

“I searched high and low for him for a long time, but did not get him back

“After he ran off, I never got another cat. It went from being me and my cat, then just me, then to being married with two kids, and now I’ve got two cats as we’d already taken in my late father-in-law’s cat.

“I recognised Diego from the Facebook picture by his unusual ginger markings, so I got in touch. I couldn’t wait to see if it was him.

“I was quite nervous beforehand in case it wasn’t him, but he seemed really pleased to see me.”

Steph Taylor, founder of Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, said: “We received a call from a member of the public who left a voicemail about a poorly cat he had found in Litherland and was unable to keep.

“When we returned his call he was already at the vets with him as he was concerned about his condition.

“The cat was in a very bad shape with a horrendous skin condition diagnosed as FAD (flea allergy dermatitis), this was very painful for him and it was sore for him to be stroked and he was very itchy. He was also very underweight.

“But when he saw Jane, he instantly recognied her and he has really came out of his shell.

“It’s good to see a happy ending. The more people who like our Facebook page, the more chance there is of reuniting lost cats with their owners.”

Diego is said to be doing well now after being treated for the fleas and flea allergy/dermatitis.

Jane gave this update to the sanctuary after taking Diego home: “He’s had a surprisingly good day! He cried a bit at first, he wandered round the room and sniffed everything and checked for hidey holes. He was very settled after that, he ate and drank a little and came over for a few sniffs and strokes. He bit me when I got him off the sofa to feed Magdalena so I told him off but he’s been fine. He and Amelia are very wary of one another so I’ve told her to stay away from him while he settles. I don’t think dasher knows he’s here but she’s a bit miffed about being locked out of the living room! What a big day!

“He’s got a soft bed and he likes it, but I’ve left the basket with the towel draped over it as a bit of a hidey hole, a little refuge for him. He’s commandeered our second sofa and my husband adores him. I think we’ll do just fine. Thank you again for all of your help xx”





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