Woman is reunited with her missing cat after 8 years

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Conroe, Texas resident Linda Barry was not expecting the call she got recently from a microchip company telling her that her long lost cat Chloe had been found after eight years.

Linda says the chip company asked if she was missing a cat.

“I responded, ‘What cat?’ she told KTRK News, “And they said, ‘Well, do you have a cat named Chloe?’ And I said, ‘Well, I did eight years ago.”

Chloe recently came in to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, and her routine chip scan there resulted in her finally going home.

Back before she went missing, Chloe was a well known and well liked little figure in her neighborhood, who visited the neighbors and got her share of treats from her friends. Then one day she just disappeared and was gone.

“So I put out flyers, I went door to door and no sign of Chloe anywhere,” Linda said of her search efforts. “So I finally eventually gave up after a long period of time.”

Linda reclaimed Chloe from the shelter Wednesday. She has another cat who she said will be getting microchipped ASAP.

“At any rate, we’re glad Chloe’s coming home,” she said.

Watch this KTRK video from the reunion:

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