Woman is reunited with her missing cat after 2 years

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Oreo is back home after 2 years. His petmom’s mother recognized him when he appeared on TV with a staffer from a local animal shelter.

Six-year-old Oreo went missing two years ago and his whereabouts during that time are unknown, although it seems that someone was taking care of him.

His petmom, Carol Corbin, used to allow him to lay outside on the grass at her Lynn Haven, Florida home, never thinking he would disappear.

“They become part of your family because you see them everyday. You love them everyday,” Carol said.

“Cats enjoy laying out in the sun and eating the grass, so they were free to go in and out.”

When Oreo didn’t came back inside one night, she began looking for him immediately and thought of him day and night.

“Everyday, I never gave up. I never gave up hope that they’d find him,” Carol said.

Oreo was found near a park in Lynn Haven on January 15 and the Lynn Haven Animal Shelter came out and picked him up. Midway through February, the shelter featured Oreo in a segment with WJHG NewsChannel 7 at Noon.

Lynn Haven Animal Shelter’s Ivan Rogers noted that he was declawed on his front paws and must surely have been someone’s pet. (We do not know at what point Oreo was declawed.)

NewsChannel 7’s Donna Bell added. “It could be somebody lost him, perhaps, because he does definitely seem like he wasn’t a stray for long.”

Carol’s mom was watching the segment and told her daughter: “That looks like Oreo!”

“I honestly couldn’t believe it,” Carol said. “I asked her, ‘Is it possible that it could be Oreo?'”

Carol went right to the shelter, arriving even before Oreo had returned from the TV appearance. She was able to provide confirmation that Oreo was her long-missing cat.

“I just knew instantly [that the cat was Oreo]. He looked at me and the tears almost flowed, because it had been two years,” she said.

Carol believes someone was taking care of Oreo. “And they loved on him for two years and did a wonderful job, and I want to thank whoever did that,” Carol said.

“I can’t imagine him going away again,” Carol said.

Channel 7 visited Oreo and Carol for their report on the happy reunion, and Oreo looks completely at home, casually climbing onto Carol’s lap, and curling up comfortably on a chair.

Watch the Channel 7 report on the story:


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  1. what kind of an idiot is she? she should never have let him out… and get a microchip! idiot!

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