Woman in Tears As She Is Reunited With Cat She Thought Was Dead

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(Crystal Sanmann/Facebook)

A California woman broke down and wept when she was reunited with the cat she assumed was dead, but who turned up at a shelter two years later. You can watch the video of the touching moment that was captured by her sister and posted on Facebook.

(Crystal Sanmann/Facebook)

Iris Estrada Samaniego, from Murrieta, California, and her family feared Diego had been killed by a coyote. The video of their reunion was posted by Iris’s sister, Crystal Sanmann, and it has been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Crystal explained that Diego the cat had been a family pet, and went missing in 2015.

(Crystal Sanmann/Facebook)

“I seriously thought he was gone and maybe even got eaten by a coyote,” an emotional Iris said. She never got over it. Her instincts told her to check the local shelter listings and she saw a cat who looked just like Diego. She went straight to the shelter after work to claim her cat.

Some have questioned whether Iris has misidentified the cat because the cat in the video appears uneasy. However, even cats who are deeply attached to their owners can be skittish or uncomfortable in stressful situations.

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