Woman Has Concrete Floor Cut Up in Costly Operation to Rescue Cat

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By Karen Harrison Binette

An officer from the Wellington, NZ SPCA did some demolition work on Lower Hutt resident Laurel Kerr’s rental house recently in order to rescue her cat Billy, who’d been trapped for two days. Laurel’s landlord gave the go ahead for the destructive operation.

With Billy trapped beneath a concrete floor that required cutting, Wellington SPCA senior inspector Ben Lakomy was worried about the cat’s safety. “I was really concerned for Billy’s welfare,” says Mr Lakomy. “I was quite overwhelmed when I saw his head pop out of the pipe.”

Laurel faces costly repairs to the house but felt she did what needed to be done, and said “Cats are like family. If it was a toddler you’d do everything you can.”

This was not 9 month old Billy’s first time being rescued from a pipe; Laurel and her family adopted him after he was found living in a drainpipe with his siblings.

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