Woman Fights Off Dogs Barehanded to Rescue Cat

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Percy, at the vet after the attack.

Sarah Kemp showed the utmost bravery when she rescued Percy the cat from the pair of Staffordshire bull terrier type dogs who had him in an alley behind her Cleethorpes, UK home shortly after midnight last Saturday night. Sarah went to investigate when she heard the commotion caused when the dogs knocked her trash can over and found the two dogs with the helpless 4 year old cat. One of the dogs had Percy in its mouth. Sarah punched the dog and put her thumb in its eye, and the dog then released the cat. Sarah then held Percy close to protect him from further attacks.

The dogs were accompanied by their owner but were off leash at the time of the attack. The 27 yesr old woman risked her own life to save Percy; the second dog could easily have attacked her while she was fighting the first to free the cat, and both dogs could have gone for her.

Percy suffered internal bleeding, broken ribs and a dislocated leg in the attack. His owner, Kirt Reynolds, is grateful to Sarah for saving Percy’s life. Kirt also expressed thanks to other neighbors who helped with Percy until he was seen by vets. Percy was first taken to the Grimsby Blue Cross Animal Hospital, and then to Clee Vererinary Centre, also in nearby Grimsby, where he is under observation.

The incident occurred a week after a fatal attach on a cat by two Staffies. Police are asking eyewitnesses to come forward.

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