Woman Expresses Thanks to Fire Department That Rescued Kitten

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Lt. James Driscoll, left, Deputy Chief John Marsh, center, and firefighter Michael Fornesi work to free the kitten

Tracy Grygiel had already made several calls this past Wednesday, trying to get help for a kitten stuck in a pipe in a cluttered lot in Lawrence, MA, adjacent to a water tank  and supply company, when she tried calling the City of Lawrence Fire Department.  Tracy didn’t have high hopes that the FD could help, and she was thrilled when they did. Tracy had gotten no help from the animal services numbers she called.

Dispatcher Marie Donovan, an animal lover herself, returned the call and sent a crew to help. Two department officials and a firefighter worked at the scene and freed the kitty, which is throught to have been stuck in the pipe for two days. Another cat in the pipe was not stuck, and surprised the men when it ran out as they began their work.

After the kitten was freed, Tracy sent this thank you via email to the Fire Department, expressing her gratitude:

“When I talked to dispatch, she took my name and all my information. She told me she would call me back – to be honest, I know how busy Fire Houses are and didn’t expect to hear anything back. I was called back within five minutes and told a crew would be sent out.

“Your dispatch’s comforting and understanding demeanor towards me meant more than you will ever know. Please share this letter with her and the two firefighters you sent over this morning, I’d like them to think as if I wrote it to each one of them individually.

“Thank you for taking even the smallest of tasks so seriously and professionally. You must be very proud of your colleagues. Please let them know how grateful we all are.”

Department Chief Jack Bergeron later noted that the Department is not usually able to attend this sort of call, but the fact that the FD was the resource of last resort contributed to the Department’s being able to help.

We have no word on the trapped kitten, other than that it was successfully rescued.



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