Woman Caring For Hurricane Isaac Displaced Cats Reunites One Cat With Her Family Days Before Christmas

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It’s been three months since Hurricane Isaac brought havoc and destruction to the US Gulf Coast in August, but animal rescuer and TNR provider Kim Johnson is still dealing with its aftermath.

The Hurricane displaced thousands of families in hard hit Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, leaving many pets lost, disoriented and left behind. Kim Johnson cares for displaced cats and tries to reunite them with their families.

“After Hurricane Isaac we began putting out food and water for the animals that were left alive out there. People weren’t able to go back and get them yet,” she said.

Since the hurricane, Kim has set up and maintained 45 feeding stations along the levee in Braithwaite. She recently was able to trap Manu, then set about trying to reunite the cat with her family. Kim sent an email blast with Manu’s photos, and heard from the family.

“They responded and said that is our cat. We’ve been missing our cat for a few weeks now. It was alive after the storm and then it just disappeared.” Manu was not lost in the hurricane, but Kim’s continuing efforts to help whose that were helped bring her home.

Thanks to the efforts of Kim and others, guardian Cynthia Miller was reunited with Manu on Friday. Cynthia said, “I’m glad to have her back. She’s a sweet cat and we enjoy having her.” Cynthia says hers and Manu’s story should encourage others to maintain faith that their pets will also be recovered.

Kim Johnson pays to spay and neuter those cats she is unable to reunite with their families. Unfortunately, she has to release them back into the landscape if their families are not found.


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