Woman Arrested For Shooting At Neighbor Over Cat Dispute

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Mount Sterling, KY resident Janie Grooms ended up behind bars Friday night when her distress over a neighbor trapping her cats got the better of her. Janie confronted the neighbor with a gun and fired repeatedly at him. The man got away unharmed, but Ms. Grooms was charged with attempted murder.

The accused’s husband, Kevin Grooms, told a reporter that he and his wife are childless, and the cats are their children. Mr. Grooms also said the neighbor should have let him know he was not happy about the Grooms’ two cats supposed destruction on his property before trapping them. Mr. grooms said one of the two cats was never returned. The Grooms’ think the cat who was missing on Friday was killed; that is what set Janie Grooms off. Mr. Grooms hopes the charges against his wife will be lessened from attempted murder.

A friend of the neighbor who the Grooms say trapped their cats said the missing cat was not killed, and the shooting occurred over a misunderstanding. There is no definitive word on the cat’s fate or whereabouts.

Sadly, taking matters into her own hands had made things much worse for the distraught pet parent.

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