Woman and Auto Mechanics Help Black and While Kitten Trapped in Car

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A woman sought help when she realized a meowing cat was trapped in her car and, after others declined, an auto repair shop quickly and carefully made the rescue.

Taylor, MI resident Jessica Mix wasn’t sure she was really hearing meows when she visited a Tim Horton’s fast food restaurant in nearby Westland on Friday.

“I felt crazy at first,” Jessica said. “I thought it must be my radio, so I turned it off and knew I wasn’t crazy because I still heard it crying and it wasn’t getting farther away.” A restaurant employee confirmed that they heard the meows, too.

When calls to the Westland Police Department and Humane Society didn’t satisfy, Jessica carefully drove to Taylor Ford, with hopes that their mechanics could help.  Jessica drove slowly and kept an eye out behind her in case the cat jumped or dropped from the car during the trip. Meanwhile, Jessica’s husband contacted the auto repair shop to let them know she was on her way.

Taylor Ford employees Bill McMullin and Manuel Chavez quickly and masterfully rescued the black and white kitten.  Jessica said, “I pulled up and in ten minutes they got the car up on the jacks and got the cat out. They did an awesome job.”

“It was nerve-wrecking. I was scared for the cat,” Jessica said. “Afterwards I could stop shaking and be thankful that it was over and somebody actually helped. There are still good people in the world that are willing to help. For a business, they’re not supposed to be animal rescue, but they did today. People actually have a heart and care.”

Jessica named the kitten Taylor, after her rescuers, and Taylor was given into the care of Taylor Ford employee Mariah Dowling.  Other than burned whiskers, she is apparently unharmed.


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