Woman Allows Car to Be Destroyed to Rescue Kitten

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Image source: upi.com
Image source: upi.com

When her newly adopted kitten disappeared into her car’s dashboard, a Florida woman allowed mechanics to use a chainsaw, destroying her car but rescuing the kitten.

Denise Wilford-Neal of Vero Beach, Florida, hadn’t even gotten the kitten all the way home before the kitten made its escape. As Wilford-Neal was driving home from the shelter, the kitten climbed up into the dashboard of her car. The kitten completely disappeared, though Wilford-Neal could feel him in the dash.

Wilford-Neal tried to coax the kitten out, but the kitten refused to come out. Twenty hours passed and the kitten didn’t budge. Worried about the heat, Wilford-Neal turned to social media advice.

And that’s when the reach of Facebook worked its magic once again. Wilford-Neal’s post spread rapidly and people provided advice. Local people came over with tools, and some mechanics even came to help out. The mechanics took the dashboard apart, but the kitten was still so far back that they couldn’t reach him.

The mechanics told Wilford-Neal that they could retrieve the cat, but it would require using a chainsaw to fully remove the dash. It would also destroy her 1995 Monte Carlo. Wilford-Neal gave the mechanics permission to destroy the car, and the kitten was safely rescued.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, though Wilford-Neal will be on the hunt for a new car. As for the kitten? She’s decided to name him Monte, after his very unusual trip home.

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