Wings of Rescue Pilots Save 400 More Cats and Dogs

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(Wings of Rescue)

Animal lovers have something to celebrate. Four hundred dogs and cats have a second chance at life thanks to the amazing Wings of Rescue volunteer pilots, who flew 400 dogs and cats to safety on Saturday, part of an effort to relieve crowding at Southern California shelters  inundated with frightened animals displaced during the July 4th holiday.

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(Wings of Rescue/NBC Channel 4)

Among them was a Jack Russel Terrier named Bruin, the 20,000th rescue saved by Wings of Life, a nonprofit organization whose volunteer pilots relocate animals in danger of being euthanized due to over crowding. The story was reported by NBC News Channel 4. Bruin found his forever home in Seattle.

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Wings of Rescue pilots spent two days in the air helping the dogs and cats, many of whom were displaced by recent wild fires and fireworks, according to NBC and reporter Gustavo Lopez. Overcrowding put the dogs and cats at risk. The receiving shelters in Seattle and New Jersey are either under populated or in need of animals for adoption.

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Wings of Rescue was begun in 200 founded by two pilots in 2009. Pilots Yehuda Netanel and Cindy Smith have been flying shelter pets to their new homes since then. They rely solely on donations to pay for the flights. It costs about $100 per animal. You can make a donation at the Wings of Rescue Website.

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(Wings of Rescue)

Kriser’s Natural Pet headquartered in Santa Monica and St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, based in New Jersey, partnered together with Wings of Rescue to send the 400 on their freedom flights. The animals pictured here can be seen on the Wings of Rescue Facebook page.

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(Wings of Rescue)

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  1. Congratulations to all pilots involved in this mighty task and to all behind the scenes from brian a pet owner

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