Willow Cross Country Cat Reunited With Her Family

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Willow, the cat who travelled from CO to NYC, and was gone for 5 years, has finally been reunited with her family in New York. The Today Show flew the family to New York for a television appearance this morning and the reunion took place in the family’s hotel room on Thursday.

While much remains unknown about Willow’s travels and life during the 5 years, petmom Jamie Squires hopes to produce a children’s book about Willow’s adventures.

All manner of media has been captivated by Willow’s case, including those way off the usual cat beat, and her story and the mystery of her secret life have given rise to both speculation and levity.  Our favorite excerpt of all is from Ian Crouch in the New Yorker, who ponders, “Among the many mysteries: how will the city have changed her? It’s a great Web meme: the runaway who makes good in New York only to be forced to return to her family in some western state, where she’ll be bound to complain that nothing stays open late enough.”

Here’s the full 5 minute feature from this morning’s Today Show …

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… and the short CBS feature with some great still photos from Thursday’s reunion.


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