Willow and Leggings For Life for Special Needs Kitties

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Famed and beloved special needs kitty Willow tells us how Leggings for Life help paralyzed cats, and she demonstrates how beautifully she gets around while wearing them.

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7 thoughts on “Willow and Leggings For Life for Special Needs Kitties”

  1. Been following this story for a long time. I’m so glad to see how well Willow is doing. Wendy is doing a remarkable job. Thank you for helping these beautiful kitties.

  2. My friend, Cathy, told me about this web site and the leggings for life. I crochet and would be glad to make some of these items if I had the patterns. I am interested in purchasing the patterns if they are for sale.

    I think that this is a wonderful way to take care of a loved pet.

    Thank for sharing your Willow and her wardrobe as well as her many friends. 😀

  3. Hi Virginia,
    That’s wonderful.
    Please contact Willow and petmom Wendy Matthews. You can click on the Willow link or the Leggings for Life link above.

  4. I’m not on Facebook and do not choose to register there. Is there another web address where I can get in touch with Leggings for Life?

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