Wilana Frazier Dexter Kitten Trial Begins

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After months of pretrial hearings and delays, jurors were selected and Wilana Frazier’s animal abuse trial began today for the killings of Dexter and Drake, kittens beaten with a metal bat in a Brooksville, FL park in June, 2011.

We have not forgotten Dexter kitten, nor have many others whose hearts broke once when he was found severely beaten and brought to PetLuv Spay and Neuter clinic for care, and whose hearts broke all over again when, after a seeming recovery and his adoption into a loving home with his vet tech caregiver, Dexter’s seizures began anew with such force that the decision was sadly made to end his suffering.

Dexter, and a second kitten who died at the scene and was later given the name Drake, were severely beaten on June 11, 2011 at Hill ‘n Dale Park in Brooksville, FL, located in Hernando County. Eyewitness accounts led to the arrest of 25 year old Wilana Frazier who is accused of beating the kittens with a metal baseball bat while spewing a curse filled tirade and egging her young sons on to participate.

Some hearsay accounts circulated online claim the killings were made in retribution for a personal matter, while other accounts suggest the kittens were victims of random violence. The trial may clarify which, if either, of the stories is true.

After several pretrial hearings, a change of counsel, rejection of a plea deal and recent minor delays, the jury was selected today and the trial was begun.

Frazier in court today

Reports in local media outlets Hernando Today and the Tampa Bay Times gave accounts of today’s session. The trial will continue tomorrow.

Frazier’s neighbor Patricia Henry took the stand today to say that she saw Frazier standing near the kittens while holding the Henry family’s bloody bat but did not actually witness the beatings.

The outcome of the case is expected to hinge on jurors reception of the testimony from three youngsters, two 10 year old boys and an 11 year old girl. Potential jurors were asked whether they would accept the testimony of children.

Some of Dexter’s most devoted local supporters were in attendance today and will return tomorrow. We expect to hear from one of the spectators after the trial concludes, and will report on the verdict.

For complete coverage of Dexter’s story and the legal proceedings against Wilana Frazier, click HERE.

8 thoughts on “Wilana Frazier Dexter Kitten Trial Begins”

  1. So Wilana do you feel like a big tough person beating two little innocent kittens to death…with her kids watching. Shame on you!!!! What a mean horrible person you are. I hope the children get counseling and you never get to call yourself a mom…or human again. RIP Drake and Dexter

  2. I hope she is placed in a cell with several women who love cats and that the wardens turn a blind eye to what happens next.

  3. lets’s hope justice will be done – but as far as I am concerned the only justie would be for this woman to have a long slow painful death and then rot in hell

  4. Here’s hoping to a very harsh sentence that sends a message to any future animal abuse criminals. I hope that she gets huge fine and a long term. Her children should be taken away from her as well. Here’s hoping that they see the trouble that their mother gets into and that they decide not to become animal abusers.

  5. She is an absolute heartless monster. I have followed this case since last year and it is still just as disturbing. I have a question though…….she was pregnant when she was arrested last year and I was wondering what happened to her offspring? Anyone know?

  6. After being found guilty and sent to prison, Wilana Frazier should be very afraid. Prisoners have little respect for those who abuse children and helpless animals. I know Wilana will meet some new, very big and powerful friends who will ensure every day behind bars is a living hell for her. What goes around comes around. Justice served.

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