Wilana Frazier Dexter Kitten Case Trial Approaches

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Wilana Frazier appeared at yet another pretrial hearing on Friday. The judge was visibly displeased with her and told her she would go to trial in April or May for the brutal killing of kittens Dexter and Drake.

Court spectators sat through a number of disturbing cases before Wilana Frazier’s latest pretrial hearing in her animal abuse and child endangerment case came up on Friday in Hernando County, Florida.

Various eyewitness reports all told the same story. Shortly before noon, the Frazier case was called and both sides were called to the bench for a muted conversation with the judge. The judge was visibly displeased with the defendant, whose latest move has been to say she wants to release her public defender and hire a private attorney. The judge told her that, even if she follows through with the change, she and her attorney should be prepared for trial sometime in April or May. There will be yet another status check on a month. It was noted that the prosecution will conduct another deposition before the trial.

Spectators in attendance to show support for brutalized kittens Dexter and Drake were buoyed by the judge’s demeanor, which reportedly included pointed facial expressions and flailing arms directed at defendant Wilana Frazier.

Of the several court appearance over the course of this dragged out case, last Friday’s hearing finally made it seem like progress is being made in moving the case to trial.

Wilana Frazier, you may recall, is charged for an incident last year in Brooksville, FL where she allegedly brutally beat two tiny kittens with a metal bat while spewing a stream of curses and egging on her two young sons to join her. Dexter became known worldwide after PetLuv Clinic took Dexter in and helped him to recover and find a loving home before a tragic relapse into convulsions caused the kitten to lose his battle to live. We have written extensively on Dexter and the case against Wilana Frazier. You can review those posts here, where the index presents them in descending order.



3 thoughts on “Wilana Frazier Dexter Kitten Case Trial Approaches”

  1. good god. what is WRONG with people???? have her children been taken away from her and sent into therapy to be taught just how depraved what they and their mother did really is? there is no hole in hell hot enough for these people! if ever a case screamed for some old testament style justice, this is it!

  2. this woman needs help but first she needs to pay for what she did to them little kittens,i cant believe that the human mind is so cruel in some people but i do believe that she knew what there doing is wrong either she she has a demon inside her or she is just cold hearted if they cannot find that something is mentally wrong with this women ,the judge and jury need to send a message to everyone who does this cruel act to animals that they will get the full force of the law that they can give to these type of people

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