Why Do Cats Chatter at Birds?

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We’ve all seen and heard it…the chit-chit-chatter our cat makes when he spies a bird or other small animal through a window.

Some experts say they make this noise because they are simulating the cat’s behavior at the time of an attack. Others believe the chattering stems from the flat-out frustration/excitement the cat feels when he can’t get the prey. Whatever the reason, cat lovers agree it is part of normal cat behavior.

20 thoughts on “Why Do Cats Chatter at Birds?”

  1. Oh, my Face likes to sit in the window and chatter away at the birds. She’s so cute when she does that.

  2. I remember reading about a type of jungle cat in the Amazon that imitates birds get them to come closer, so they are easier to catch. 🙂

  3. My kitten was chasing some sort of flying something through the house the other day – chattering all the way. When my husband and I started laughing – she politely told us to be quiet, then continued her chase and chatter!

  4. More of the cuteeee goodness. =^.^= My cats chatter too – for instance, my ginger bicolor Ginger would do it with the birds while one of her kittens, the dilute torbie Chloe, chattered away at me too. =^.^=

  5. My cat Toonces that I had for 17 years and had to have put down back in October 2003 due to kidney failure used to do this when he would see a moth flying around my house. It always cracked me up.

  6. My cats do that. I have found that when I whisper to them, ‘see the bu-rd’ as they watch the bird, they really get excited and go to town chattering over and over again!

  7. I’ve had two cats that did that. The last one was a female and we would lie on the floor looking out the back door, and if I saw a bird, I’d say “birdie, see the birdie?” and she would then start the chattering and we’d watch the birdie. I never decided exactly what it what it was, but thought she was trying to talk to the birds, although I knew she was a hunter if I let her out, she was a feral before I got her.

  8. my friend told me that cats are trying to mimic the sound humans make when trying to entice animals to come to them, this is also why sometimes a cat will even paw at the ground as well, imitating us when we pat the ground… It makes sense to me, as the reason they meow is also an imitation of an infant human’s cry!

  9. All my cats do/did this. 2 of my cats cackle whenever some one sneezes and 1 cackles when my mother would talk to it.

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