Who Says Cats Don’t Window Shop?

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gracie 2
Gracie on her daily sojourn through Essex (All photos: Gracie Johnston’s Facebook page)

Gracie knows shoes.  And books.  And where the best places are to nap.  In fact, Gracie is somewhat of a shopping aficionado.  On her daily sojourns, she will inspect the latest fashions, greet the locals, check on various and sundry employees, in short, do her best to act as the goodwill ambassador of consumerism for the area of Freeport in the UK. However,  Lee Johnston has been receiving calls of late regarding Gracie’s forays into town, many expressing grave concern as to her safety, in particular.  You see, Gracie is a cat.

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In an interview with the BBC, Lee explained, “She’s savvy with cars. This is what she’s always done, and she’s always come out unscathed,” continuing on that people accept his response that she simply loves Freeport.  In short, he has no intention of taking away her daily stroll, and has even started a Facebook page for her so her travels and experiences can be documented.  It almost seems as though it has become a “Where’s Gracie?,” for her fans and followers. Although according to the most recent post, she is a bit shy about all the new publicity.

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