Who Rescued Who? Did Kylie Rescue Liza…or Liza Rescue Robin?

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“I’ve heard people describe animals like angels. I never really understood what that meant until Liza met Kylie.” Robin Myers, Kylie’s mom

Kylie was dying from childhood cancer and all she asked for in her final days was a kitten. Liza, a rescue from  Angels Among Us Pet Rescue,  from the moment they met, was devoted to Kylie.

“I thought at first her (Liza’s) rescuing was over, that she had been there for Kylie and that was her mission. That was only part of her mission.”

Learn more about Mutual Rescue’s Kylie & Liza Fund at http://mutualrescue.org


Mutual Rescue’s Mission

Mutual Rescue shares compelling, true stories that demonstrate that when people adopt animals, their own lives can be dramatically transformed in positive and often unexpected ways. Raising awareness of this powerful dynamic benefits our communities through greater compassion for all beings.

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