Where’s Steve? With the Lambs, Of Course

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(Amanda Whitlock/Wanganui Chronicle/Facebook)

How does one explain Steve and his lambs, exactly? “He’s sort of almost like their leader,” Steve’s owner Amanda Whitlock told the New Zealand Herald. 

“He’ll just be walking around the yard and they’ll be following him. Or he’ll be playing in the bushes and they’ll be inquisitive, looking to see what he’s doing and following him through the bushes.”

(Zaryd Wilson/New Zealand Herald)

Amanda and her partner Ben live on an isolated farm at the end of a very long dead-end road in Ngamatapouri, New Zealand.

(Zaryd Wilson/New Zealand Herald)


Their cat Steve had a solitary existence until he was introduced to the lambs Ben and Amanda brought in from the cold.

“They stay inside for about three nights or so just to keep warm,” she told Zaryd Wilson of the Herald. “He’d just sort of get used to them and spend time with them inside. Then the lambs moved outside, and we started noticing Steve wasn’t inside any more.  And we’re like ‘where’s Steve?’

(Zaryd Wilson/New Zealand Herald)

“So we’d have a look out the window and he was just out there interacting with them.” It’s fair to say they all get along very nicely.

(Zaryd Wilson/Nw Zealand Herald)

Amanda took a photo of Steve and his wooly pals that was published in the Wanganui Chronicle“It’s gone pretty viral on the internet. It made the front page of the Wanganui Chronicle and shared hundreds of times since then and 1000s of likes.” Some things are too good not to share.


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