Where is Slinky? Her Searchers Plea For Help

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Slinky was pulled from death row at the NYC ACC and went missing during transport to her new home. While efforts are concentrated in KY, she could be anywhere between there and NYC. Those searching for Slinky are asking for help as they try to locate and recover her.

Slinky, who will be renamed Madeira when she is found

Slinky was rescued and saved and was supposed to make a cross country trip to a wonderful new home with a vetted adopter. Her NYC ACC shelter photos show a scared and unhappy girl, and it’s no wonder that a woman all the way in California reached out  for her.

Though several good and responsible people helped to save Slinky and get her to her new home, one very bad weak link caused those plans to fall apart and now Slinky is missing, lost or worse, and nobody really know how or where. That is, nobody knows what happened except for the transporter, and she is an uncooperative and unreliable source for information.

According to the search coordinator, Slinky was on a paid transport with a very bad transporter hired in good faith by her adopter. Unbeknownst to the adopter, the transporter has a well documented history of scamming, fraud and disappeared animals.

The transporter had possesion of Slinky, three transport dogs, and her own dog. She and her male traveling companion – both unlicensed –  got into a crash in Eddyville, KY on  May 24 between mile marker 45 and 46 of Interstate 24.

No cat was found at the scene.  The transporter has told many, many lies about the cat.  She is not cooperating with authorities (police, animal control) or with the owners of the animals on the transport.

The search is largely concentrated in Lexington, KY, where a cat was sighted fitting Slinky’s description, and in Eddyville, where the crash occurred. Beyond those two targeted areas, the greater search stretches the entire transport route from New York City to Eddyville, where the trip ended due to the crash.

The three dogs on the transport were located after the crash, removed from the transporter’s care, and safely delivered to their destinations.

Slinky is a 5 year old female cat.

She is black with a white spot on her chest.

Her left fang is unusually long and very obvious.

She is able to be handled but she might be very scared by now.

She has been missing since 5/24.

NYC ACC shelter photo showing Slinky’s unusual identifying characteristic, her one long fang tooth.


There is much more to tell on this story but, for now, we are concentrating on helping to get out the word on Slinky and the request by those searching for her that as many people as possible come on board to help. People all along the presumed route are asked to help, but anyone anywhere can do their part, as well.


Those living along the route can print and post flyers, call their local shelters and rescues, knock on doors, make phone calls, check Craigslist and the local papers, etc.; everything that would be done for a missing cat.

Those living away from the route can check  Craigslist postings of cities and states along the route most easily, but can also share and network, and can even contact shelters along the route.

Slinky has a microchip, with an updated contact number that will take calls directly to one of the principals of the search effort.

Below are examples of posters:

This is the basic poster for use all along the route

Poster specific to the Lexington, KY  search

Poster specific to the Eddyville, KY area

Also for the Eddyville area


Search coordinator Jenna Watts can be contacted at [email protected] or at 410-499-3390. she can also be reached through the Where is Slinky? Facebook page or at her own Facebook profile, which can be accessed on the About page of the Slinky page.

There is much more to this story, and yet another story about safe transport, but for now the first and foremost concern is the search for Slinky. Jenna is asking for help with the search, even if that help consists of sharing this appeal. There will be another story tomorrow with the details of the case.

Thank you to anyone who can assist or share.



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  1. OMG poor baby. hope she is found alright… will list her on my facebook page… I am from Southern Illinois and hope she can be found soon…..

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