Where is BeeBop? A Year Later The Question Remains

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BeeBop has been missing for a year and his petmom’s dedication has not waned. A $2,000 reward for information is ready to be handed over, and people are ready to accept BeeBop, with no questions asked.

Beebop is a very distinctive looking 3 year old male tuxedo cat.

Isn’t BeeBop handsome? Cathy Sheehan has done everything possible to find her cat since he went missing as she moved from her Brooklyn Heights apartment at the end of June last year. She continues the search and has not given up hope for BeeBop’s return.

Fourth of July weekend came early last year, landing on the  final weekend of June. Cathy Sheehan was moving from her Brooklyn Heights apartment to go to Maine and absolutely had to be out by June 30th. During the move, BeeBop slipped out of the building and went missing.

Cathy searched her neighborhood with a sense of desperation, knowing she had little time to find BeeBop but not wanting to leave him behind. Neighbors reassured her that they would find him, and he was quickly discovered and secured in a theatre building over the weekend with food and water.

Cathy’s heart was buoyed at the thought of being reunited with BeeBop on Monday morning but that was not to be; the theatre door had been left open by someone and BeeBop was gone.

He has not been seen since, at least not by anyone trying to return him to Cathy or likely to speak up.

As the one year anniversary draws near,  a touchingly beautiful new video recaps the story, shows us BeeBop’s neighborhood and makes clear that Cathy and her search team’s commitment to finding BeeBop remains strong.


Shortly after BeeBop went missing Cathy started the Where is Beebop? Facebook page, which has effectively helped with the search, has provided moral support, and remains an active gathering place.

All of the usual search avenues have been followed, with help from individuals and organizations; most notably, Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (BBAWC on Facebook) and artist Mary LeBaron. Many others have lent a hand.

There have been flyers, posters, a mass mailing, door knocking, and both widespread and targeted searches in the neighborhood. Some residents have been contacted repeatedly.  Shelters and pounds have been given flyers, veterinary offices across four boroughs have been contacted, volunteers have attended street fairs to raise awareness,  and multiple psychics have weighed in, yet BeeBop’s whereabouts are still not known.

Over the months, BeeBop had a front page story in the Brooklyn Newspaper, and a feature in the Daily News.

Many area residents say they’ve heard that someone has Beebop and has given him a home. Cathy doesn’t know if this is based on the actual fact of the matter, or whether it’s an offhand notion that has spread and been passed around.

Phone calls and emails continue to come in when people see tuxedo cats in the neighborhood and beyond. One shelter in New Jersey contacted the search team about a cat they had received. After several months of concerned neighborhood residents chasing down local cats, people learned to take photos and send them in for a quick identification check. BeeBop has a very distinctive face and should be easy to recognize once he is finally spotted by someone.

Cathy, her family, and residents of her old neighborhood all feel that BeeBop has likely been taken in by someone. Cathy says it’s the kind of neighborhood where, if you walk to the store for a carton of milk, everyone knows about it. Considering that, it is a mystery how no one has seen BeeBop since he disappeared from the theatre where he was being held for safekeeping nearly a year ago.

Cathy thinks of BeeBop each and every day,  has not lost faith, and still wants more than anything to have her beloved boy back with her again. Like many people in her situation, the worst part is not knowing what has become of him.  If someone has BeeBop she just wants him back and says she will bear the person no ill will. A network is in place to recover BeeBop if someone comes forward with information or is ready to hand the cat over. Several intermediaries are on hand to take BeeBop and will do so with no questions asked. Cathy will immediately fly to New York once BeeBop is recovered and has a ride back to Maine lined up.

The $2,000 reward for information leading to BeeBop’s recovery will come from cash on hand that sits and waits for the day it can be handed over.


BeeBop’s baby photo

Cathy got BeeBop when he was about a month old. Friends had found him in a tree and and said he was unfriendly and a biter. Not wanting him to go to the pound, Cathy took him in and found that after a few weeks, he was sweet and cuddly and loving. BeeBop was her beloved boy, who was happy to lie around the house all day with his two older cat siblings. He was not the type to try to escape and, while sweet, was a bit shy.

Cathy wants BeeBop back. She would appreciate new likes to her Where’s BeeBop Facebook page and asks that readers share the word of her search. Contact numbers for the search are 917-837-6899/718-360-9918.  Otherwise, she can be contacted at the Facebook page.



4 thoughts on “Where is BeeBop? A Year Later The Question Remains”

  1. I lost my maggie for a month and it was horrible. and just when i thought I would never see her again she showed up on my walk I took at 05:30 am and 6 in the evening. I went on the radio, handed out over 200 flyers in peoples mailboxes and knocked on doors. posters went up everywhere I thought she might be. when I lost her she was 8 kilos and when I found her she was 3. she of course developed fatty liver disease and we had to treat that. but now she is up to 6 kilos again.. she is just a fatty.. but we love her so much!

  2. The article was very moving. As one of Cathie’s many helpers, I want her to get BeeBop back as soon as possible.

  3. there is a sign on the corner of atlantic and henry about a cat that was found on grace court. not sure if it is the same cat, but it was also a black cat with white patches.

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