What’s Up? Felines Use Pipe Holes As Playground!

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You won’t believe what this colony of stray cats can do with drain pipe holes as they perform astonishing and downright hilarious maneuvers just for cat laughs.

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Japanese photographer Nyan Kichi found a cat colony living near a rail line. This ugly industrial site has been transformed into a whimsical playground by the cats who live there.

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Kichi has taken some astonishing photos of his cat friends at play in this concrete jungle.

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And also socializing with their photographer friend and each other.

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The cats apparently find each other’s antics quite amusing or at least mildly curious.

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Kichi is clearly fond of his subjects. He enjoys watching them, and likes to share quiet moments with his inquisitive, feral friends.

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They don’t spend all of their time in holes. Sometimes these cats just like to sit in the sun. Or demonstrate their ability to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. To see more, go to Kichi’s Instagram page, and be prepared to be enchanted.

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Gotta go now. See you later.

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