West Valley City to keep gas chamber used on Andrea, the cat who famously survived

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The public shelter where Andrea survived two gassings will continue to use its gas chamber. The City Council made the decision over pleas from the public to retire it.


West Valley City UT Councilmen decided at a public hearing Tuesday night that the city’s public shelter will continue to use the gas chamber that failed twice to kill Andrea, the beautiful longhaired black cat who made international headlines last fall when her story became known. She was gassed twice and then placed into the freezer in a black plastic bag, yet she survived. Shelter staffers could not bear to subject her to further horrors and turned her over to local animal welfare organization CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Society).

The Council decided that the shelter will continue gassing animals over the pleas of members of the community and animal advocates, who asked that the shelter be allowed to use the more humane alternative of lethal injection. Councilman Wayne Pyle made remarks on camera, suggesting that those asking for the  gas chamber to be retired were emotionally overwrought over the situation.  In one remark, he said “I definitely agree in some cases it’s more humane to use the injection, but I also believe in some cases it’s more humane to use the gas chamber.”

CAWS member Janita Coombs, who fostered Andrea until her adoption last month, said an inquiry ion the matter found that Andrea was not the only animal to have endured failed, then repeated gassings. She said that indicates that either the unit is defective or is not being operated properly.

Mayor Mike Winder said he would consider taking another tour of the shelter and reexamining how the gas chamber is used, then said the city’s goal is to support adoption.

Disappointed animal advocates have turned their attention to trying to effect change on the State level, and are promoting a petition from Change.org.

That petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/ban-inhumane-gassing-of-shelter-pets-in-utah

Below are video reports on the city council meeting and on Andrea.


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10 thoughts on “West Valley City to keep gas chamber used on Andrea, the cat who famously survived”

  1. All I can say is that these people who work there must enjoy inflicting suffering on animals. I eould rather starve and live on the streets than earn my salary working for one of these death camps

  2. There is a better way. Until we figure it out, (and I suspect neutering animals is involved somewhere), we must continue to house them in shelters with big big fines for people who refuse to comply with neutering. Gas chambers are inhumane.

  3. Ok,How can we get together and put a stop to this gas chamber ? Please give us some tips,knowledge or whatever it takes to come together and end this slaughter.

  4. For one thing, this article includes a link to a petition that is part of the effort to end the use of gas chambers statewide in Utah.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Andrea did not go to her foster mom until after she was placed into the care of CAWS. The foster mom was there to help her recover from her ordeal.

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