Weird case of the cat found floating in suitcase on a canal

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Jeremy was found in a suitcase floating down a canal


An RSPCA inspector says this is the ‘weirdest case’ he’s ever come across

A cat who had been missing from his owner’s home has been discovered in a suitcase floating down a canal in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK.

The shocking discovery was made by a member of the public on Tuesday, February 17 at around 10:45 p.m.

The incident took place at the Aylesbury Arm (Grand Union Canal) when a car was seen acting suspiciously and being driven slowly. A loud splash was then heard, and the car drove away.

A suitcase was seen bobbing up and down on the water, but beginning to sink. The member of the public then made his way down the bank to the water’s edge and he heard the travel case ‘meowing’ as it drifted on the water.

He pulled out the large case, unzipped it and the wet cat, called Jeremy, jumped out and ran up a nearby tree. The man then spent half an hour coaxing the cat down and took him to a nearby vet the next day for a check-up.

Jeremy had a microchip and after the vet contacted the owners, it was discovered that he had been missing for about 24 hours. His home was around 1.7 miles away, too far for the cat to have wandered in a short period of time.


Jeremy, an attractive and very friendly two-year-old Asian cat was reunited with his extremely relieved owner who was said to be “devastated”. Thankfully, he is no worse for wear after his ordeal and is happily back at home with his owner.

RSPCA inspector Jaime Godfrey said: “This is a very weird incident and I have never seen anything like this while working with the RSPCA.

“We are investigating how the cat came to be in a suitcase in the water but it’s a well looked after and nice looking cat. It could be that it was stolen with the intention to sell it but once the microchip was discovered it was dumped in the river.

“The case the cat was left in was very big and was going to take a long time to sink, so it could even be that whoever put the cat in there just panicked and wanted to get rid of him somehow.

“Thankfully this lucky little cat was discovered and returned to his home. It’s quite a heartwarming story.”

Anyone with information about Jeremy’s mysterious rescue is asked to call the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.





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