We Hear They Put Out Fires, Too

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We understand that when firefighters are not rescuing kittens they also put out fires and perform other beneficial and life saving acts.  This rescue crew is on kitten detail, though.

Here’s raw video from a kitten rescue a week ago in Miami. Two kittens were pulled up from a sewer by City of Miami Fire Rescue A4 and R14. The rescues were not performed in the most delicate manner, but the kittens were up and out in no time, seemingly none the worse for wear.

12 thoughts on “We Hear They Put Out Fires, Too”

  1. did that guy just toss the kitten on the sidewalk like a gorilla:/ I’m glad the other two guys were nice enough to wrap them in towels, poor things.

  2. well, if the only thing you had to pull two wet tiny wiggling bodies out of a sewer was a roof hook (or whatever they are called), you want to get them off quickly or they will slip off the hook. I like how the kitties were walking around like “wth just happened? were we just . . . saved? where’s the adoring women, the screaming children . . . hell, give me a barking dog for crissakes!”

  3. I got the impression the firefighter did that to get out of shot and/or to get out of the way of the firefighter with the towels. Since there’s no sound, it’s hard to tell which.

  4. Well, like a gorilla with a big hook used in fighting fires. But yeah. Still, that was better than letting them drown while waiting for the right tool! I think it would be good to focus on the end result here, which was two unharmed kittens rescued from certain death.

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