Waste Company Rescuers Care For The Tiny Kitten They Saved

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Staff at a waste and recycling company are caring for the little kitten they found in the trash and saved from a tragic end when they heard her cries.

The kitten now; photo uploaded today.

The tiny kitten who does not yet have a name was saved from death when two waste truck drivers heard her meow after she was dumped into the truck along with the contents of a wheelie bin trash can on June 27. Two Devon Contract Waste employees named Adam and Logan were making their rounds near Plymouth, UK when they saved the tiny baby just before the crushed was activated on the truck.

The men brought kitty back to the firrm’s Sowton Industrial Estate offices, and the staff has provided her with care. Kitty was taken to the vet for a check – she got the ok on a good bill of health – and she has become a favorite at the firm. The company’s managing director Simon Almond and his wife Anne-Marie and their daughters are doing round the clock feedings with kitten milk.

The kitten has been at least unofficially adopted and is safe, loved and well cared for. We do not know if she will remain with compamy staffers or find a home elsewhere. Either way, her rescuers are smitten and have gone the extra mile for the kitten they saved.


Kitty, shortly after being saved.

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  1. sHouldnt the owners of the trash bin be questioned?? Kittens just dont magically appear in closed trashcans.

  2. Please be sure not to feed the kittens in the same position as you would an infant. Kittens must be upright. Head up higher than the body. When they lay back they choke easily and formula in the lungs can cause pneumonia. I’ve fed dozens of abandoned kittens. Message me for questions. Be SURE to use kitten formula only. Do not use cows milk.

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