Want To Help Joplin Pets? Amazon Wishlist Sends Needed Supplies Directly To Joplin Humane Society

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The Joplin Humane society has emerged as a primary player in the emergency animal relief effort for pets affected by the enormously destructive tornado that separated hundreds of animals from their families. While help has come from many directions, this Amazon wish list is a marvelous way to get the JHS exactly what they need in a very efficient manner.

Kudos to the person who got the idea for this Amazon Wish List which allows us to help get the Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption & Resource Center the supplies they need with a few simple clicks.

While the Missouri Humane Society has been appointed as chief overseer and coordinator for the rescue and shelter effort the JHS is managing much of the shelter effort.

National organizations have pitched in, along with the PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief Waggin but as the wishlist shows they could use more supplies to make their job a little bit easier and help Joplin’s displaced cats and dogs.

The large facility shown in the photo below takes in both pets whose families are unable to care for them at present and those who are still separated from their families.

JHS caption: The left side of the picture is for owned animals that people bring in because they have no place for them. In the far back left side is a blue wall…the cats were originally back there. We’ve moved them to another building. The front partition is where vets vaccinate and examine each animal coming in. The whole right side is for “stray” animals brought in from Joplin’s tornado and surrounding area. The ASPCA procured these supplies and set this up!

Missouri Humane Society (HSMO) dropping off injured animals to the Joplin HS triage center inside the shelter.

This wishlist is just one way to help the animals affected by this disaster but we love that it is simple and convenient to do and answers the call from those working on the ground.

To follow the JHS’s efforts you can visit their Facebook page.

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