Wanda’s Tail

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Wanda was checked over by our fantastic veterinary staff upon arrival. She was a little chilly, hungry and sore, but with our care, she soon resumed her full health.


A Colorado cat found herself a nice new home just days after she’d been clinging for life in a treetop.

Neighbors in a Colorado Springs, CO neighborhood at first thought it was a black plastic bag stuck in a treetop when they spotted a dark mass way up on high. Then the meows came and they knew it was a cat in trouble. The cat was teetering way up in the very thin branches off of the main trunk.

Both the fire department and the Humane Society of Pike’s Peak Region were called in, and both did their part to help the cat. Firefighters took the case seriously, and went up to make the rescue using a hook and ladder truck.

Neighborhood resident Robin Schaffter said, I am thankful that the fire department was able to assist in our time of need. We were desperate to help her but didn’t have the equipment to get to her. They responded quickly and did not hesitate to pitch in with all their manpower and resources.”

HSPPR representatives were on hand to take the cat, which got the name Wanda. Wanda rested up from her ordeal at the shelter, then went to Petco, where she was made available for adoption. The rescue took place on December 20. By December 27, Wanda had already found a new home.


Neighbors noticed the dark shape in one of their trees, but they thought it was a black plastic bag caught on a branch.


When Wanda started crying, however, they realized it was a kitty in need of rescue.


Those kind neighbors called the Fire Department, who pulled Wanda out of the tree and delivered her into the arms of a waiting HSPPR Animal Law Enforcement officer. Photos, via Humane Society of Pike’s Peak Region, at Facebook.





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