Wal-Mart the Cat Gets Help From West Side Cats

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West Side Cats rescue and adoption group and no kill shelter of Youngstown, OH is caring for a cat named for the place he was found. Wal-Mart was scrounging for food near a Wal-Mart dumpster when he was rescued, and is in need of kindness and comfort as much as medical care.

The rescue group wrote very touchingly about Wa-Mart, who was just recently rescued, as follows:

There are things that make your heart soar, and there are things that make your heart break. And then there is Wal-Mart, who manages to do both!

Wal-Mart came to us unable to walk, crying in pain and reeking of infection. With one surgery behind him and facing more painful treatments and procedures in the future, he faces life with quiet kitty dignity and a gentle nature that is completely at odds with his former life as a throwaway street cat, scrounging for food in a dumpster behind – where else – Wal-Mart.

There’s just something about Wal-Mart! As sickness and impending death slowly lessen their claim upon his little life he is learning to greet his caregivers with a head butt and a low rumbling purr. Today everybody cheered as he scaled his shelf for the first time, where he received his reward of petting and treats.

Wal-Mart has been ill-used, thrown out to fend for himself and attacked and nearly killed by something bigger and stronger. He was sick and starving on the street, trying to survive a life he was ill-suited to living. He has every right to be mistrustful and feral, but instead he is sweet and trusting.

Wal-Mart faces a long road back, but thanks West Side Cats [and their supporters] he will be able to make that journey.


In addition to their website, the group maintains an active Facebook page.

The group has begun a ChipIn for Walmart’s care.

2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart the Cat Gets Help From West Side Cats”

  1. Poor little fellow.

    I have rescued cats from the streets, had people leave them at my office door in boxes, and managed to catch sick kittens trying to survive off garbage residue in a garbage truck. You never know which cat will be scared and hostile or accept you almost pleading to be loved.

    It is my belief that they all want to be loved. Just some have been hurt, injured or frightened by humans and thus are wary by former experience.

    A co-worker had a cat that was annoying him by sneaking up and eating his dog’s food at night. He lives very rurally. He lives at the end of a long dead end road, the only house out there.

    I loaned him a trap and he caught the poor thing first night. There is NO WAY that cat was born and lived on it’s own in the wild. It is too smooth, clean and loving. Someone tossed that poor cat out to ‘fend for itself’

    I wish I could exact a vengeance upon those that do such horrible things equal to their crimes against those that cannot defend or speak for themselves.

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